Kenny headshotKenneth Scagel, Dean of The Roper School

Mr. Scagel began his teaching career 10 years ago at The Lady Margaret Roper School (the high school program attached to the College of St. Thomas More in Fort Worth, Texas). At LMR, Mr. Scagel was responsible for all academic and student life issues. He stayed on when CSTM became Fisher More College, and served as interim Director of Academics, Head Tutor and Latin teacher at Fisher More Academy. He tendered his resignation at FMA in spring 2014 in order to form The Roper School with Messrs. Lacey and Jarvis. Before taking up his vocation to teach, he spent time in the legal technology sector as Director of Customer Relations and Business Development Manager at a company in Fort Worth. Mr. Scagel is a native of New Hampshire. He attended boarding school growing up in New England (Eaglebrook School as a middle schooler, then Middlesex School for high school). After taking several years off after high school to work, he attended the College of Saint Thomas More in Fort Worth, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in the Liberal Arts with a concentration in Philosophy. After 20+ years he believes himself to be a naturalized Texan. The Texans generally think him to be somewhat tolerable, for a yankee. He lives in Fort Worth with his wife, Elizabeth, and his children: Mac (15), Auggie (14), Claire (10), Wyatt (7), Deacon (5), Major (3), and Bowie (1).
“The Roper School is an undertaking wherein I hope to bring to bear not only my past teaching experience, but the best from all of my educational experiences. I owe so much to my teachers from Eaglebrook, Middlesex, and CSTM – all of whom have given me examples of great teaching and commitment to truth and scholarship. RCA and FMA exposed me to the possibilities and opportunities of the online model. My vision for TRS is the distillation of all the best that has been taught to me and that I have seen work while teaching. What I hope to help build is a small, online academic community where teachers and students read and discuss and laugh and labor together in an open and lively classroom environment.” -Kenneth Scagel