Latin is the center of study at the Roper School. Latin is the foundation of any good classical education. This was true from the time of Rome to the modern age, only falling out of fashion recently. A two thousand year run deserves more than to be summarily invalidated. Students who master Latin will have a greater mastery of English. Moreover, because language is the concrete expression of thought, Latin teaches students to think as Latin speakers did. It helps them to step outside their own modes of thought to see new intellectual possibilities.

The goals of the Latin curriculum are:

  1. For students to gain a mastery over the grammatical concepts contained within Hans Orberg’s Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata in a 5 semester cycle.
  2. To introduce students to Latin texts, reading both poetry and prose from several epochs of Latin literature (from the Roman Republic to Renaissance).
  3. For our students to apply what they have learned in Latin to all other courses.

Latin Courses