Like Philosophy, the study of Literature reveals the shape of reality. Like History, the study of Literature deepens our understanding of human nature and human action. But Literature does not teach with discursive statements or facts; its truths are revealed through story, character, and symbol.

The goals of the Literature curriculum are:

  1. To give students the tools to use language well, working with the Latin courses to build an appreciation for and understanding of grammar and the technical aspects of English composition;
  2. To teach students to read well, and to discuss coherently and intelligently what they have read (in both class discussion and written assignment);
  3. To place students into the continuum of the Western literary tradition, and by doing so to teach them how it is an integral part of the West’s intellectual tradition;
  4. To help the students better understand their lives and the world around them through the medium of literary works of art.

Literature Courses

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