“Let no one ignorant of geometry enter” – supposed warning at the entrance to Plato’s Academy

While the veracity of the above quotation has been questioned, it is certainly consonant with the opinions of the early Greek philosophers concerning mathematics. They believed the study of mathematics to be vital if one were to have a complete picture of the cosmos. Number and shape are integral parts of the design of creation, and by understanding mathematics, we understand an important part of the nature of the universe. Thr Roper School agrees with them wholeheartedly.

The goals of the mathematics curriculum are:

  1. Mastery of the basic concepts and techniques of the disciplines of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and beginning Calculus.
  2. For our students to gain an appreciation for the relationship between mathematical theory and reality.
  3. For our students to understand the practical application of mathematics to science and their daily lives.

The mathematical sequence is as follows:

9th Grade- Algebra 1
10th grade – Geometry
11th grade – Algebra II
12th grade – Pre-Calculus (or Calculus)

N.B. The sequence by grade is an approximation. All Math classes are grouped by ability, not age. It is possible that a student might be ahead or behind this sequence. So for example, a student who has taken Algebra I prior to 9th grade will start with Geometry, then take Algebra II, pre-Calculus, and then finish 12th grade with Calculus. Our aim is to have each student go as far as he can in high school math. To that end, we will use not only our own instruction, but seek out partnership opportunities to expand our mathematics curriculum as far as it needs to go to support our students.