The Roper School is the inheritor of the tradition of teaching begun 20 years ago by Mr. Harry Hoyt Lacey at the Lady Margaret Roper School at the College of Saint Thomas More in Fort Worth, Texas. It was in 1991 that Dr. James Patrick, Provost of the College, asked Mr. Lacey to come from the Highlands School in Dallas to start a high school program. It would be named after the most learned woman of the European Renaissance period – Thomas More’s daughter Margaret.

Our History

Through the 1990’s, The Lady Margaret Roper School (LMR) served the local home school and Catholic community by providing parents with a classical alternative to public or parochial schools in the area. The school was centered around Mr. Lacey, with the help of many dedicated teachers and parents. They all worked very hard to make sure that anyone in Fort Worth who desired a solid, classical, Catholic education could receive it.

Mr. Scagel joined Mr. Lacey at LMR in 2005. He revamped the curriculum, and they taught together until CSTM became Fisher More College in 2011. Mr Scagel stayed on to be Head Tutor and Latin teacher at the newly formed Fisher More Academy.

The formation of the Roper School is the revitalization of LMR’s curriculum and spirit. We hope to build the kind of close-knit scholarly community that served so many in Fort Worth over the years, and bring it to a new generation in the wider field of online study.

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