What Makes a High School

“I have come to believe that a university is mostly about the timely payment of fees.” – supposed answer of a 19th-Century Oxford official to the question, “What is a University?”
The wry practicality of the above statement notwithstanding, the answer to the corollary question asked above is, quite simply, love. Great schools are founded on three loves – love of the disciplines, love of students, and love of God. First, a teacher must love what he is teaching. A teacher must be a person who in his younger days had a moment where he realized that he wanted to teach what he loved to others for the rest of his life; that the books and ideas that he loved were so great they could be part of an education that makes students into people of substance. Second, he must love his students. He must love them generally – love the age group he teaches in all its particulars – and also love them as unique individuals whose future it is his privilege to help mold. Lastly, at TRS we believe that all of the above loves are species of the love of God. It is important that if a teacher is to help direct his students into their futures, he has a clear understanding of the true end and purpose of life. A love of Christ and His Church is the animating principle that lead to the founding of TRS.


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